Ranks of the Soul Pyre

Rank serves little purpose in the Soul Pyre at this time. Rather than limit ourselves to gauging people's worthiness solely on gameplay ability, we opt to bestow rank on members by virtue of their time spent in the clan, their overall contributions to the clan, and a general expectation of gold donated.

Part and parcel with our outlook towards the value of rank, it should be noted that the only real benefits of promotion are better clan skill performance. With the exception of the Storm Treader/Moonfall ranking, no one rank has any less say than another in the function of the clan. We exist as a complete democracy, and to that end, everyone's say is equal.

Following are the ranks as well as any requirements they may have. With the exception of the probationary period, at any time, a leader may opt to waive a rank's promotion requirements in lieu of outstanding service(s) undertaken by the member. In part due to this, the requirements listed exist in a very general nature. What is usually looked for in a member's promotional evaluation is largely activity and involvement in the clan.

Storm Treader
False Blight
Forgotten Scorn
Soul Seer
Dark Minstrel
Night Verse
Stoic Heretic
Ice Thorn
Wind Swept
Autumn Song
Blind Guardian
Winter Sorrow

Storm Treader/Moonfall

This is the initial rank assigned to newly recruited members. It ties in with the Septics probationary Sept. Members will remain at this rank for one month of active play. Active play is defined simply as being around for the time period, playing the game, and being active on clan channel. Members of the first rank cannot vote, but are encouraged to weigh in with their opinions on issues that are up for debate.


  • Must pass a majority vote after application process


Members of the first rank, new to the clan, are expected to spend their first month adjusting to life in the Soul Pyre. Ours is not a clan for everybody; this first month is the best time to find out if you belong, for both sides. Members are expected to act normally; sucking up and trying to be the "good clannie" will more than likely result in untimely exile. Members of the first rank should also be taking the time to decide which Sept they wish to be a part of.

I stared into the eyes of the frightened child and there it was; fleeting, but unmistakable, nestled beneath the glazed look of fear flickered the flame of hatred. Blazing hatred, just as cold steel, can be tempered. Yes, she will do, Sorrow will embrace this one.
'This one! She comes with us back to Lai'Arder. Bring the chains.'

Sontbeil - Agonas Archontas of the Third Razing of Gelidus

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