The Soul Pyre is NOT an elitist clan; We are far more interested in an applicant's intelligence, creativity and personality than their in-game stats. We do, however, want some showing of competence within the game.

We are a clan that still enjoys roleplaying it's theme. We embrace our restrictions and our arrogant mockery of lesser beings with twisted humor. We are unapologetic in our ways! Keep that in mind with reading our site and applying to our clan.

  • Applicants MUST NOT belong to a forbidden race (see Race Restrictions).
  • Minimum Requirements:
  • A minimum Level of 1407.
  • A minimum of 30,000 quest points earned.
  • Sponsorship Requirements:
  • A minimum Level of 603.
  • A minimum of 10,000 quest points earned.
  • Must be sponsored by a Night Verse/Dark Minstrel or higher Rank.

One does not simply request to be sponsored. Sponsored Applicants are rare in our clan and only used under extremely special circumstances.We wish to open our doors for more like-minded players whom may just be in the lower-range of our clan requirements. You'll need to show exceptional understanding, learning and creativity in order to qualify for sponsorship below our normal minimum requirements

Elves, Sprites, Humans, Centaurs and Divas are not permitted to join our ranks under any circumstances. Whilst we agree that these pathetic creatures belong on a menu, or on a rather imaginative torture device for our amusement, they do NOT belong on our roster! Applications from inferior beings are will be rejected immediately.

We strongly advise that you take the time to speak with a few of our members before you apply. Get a personal feel for how we are, and ask any questions that you didn't find answers to on the website. While you can speak to any member, we encourage you to seek out members of the Vortaim Sept, as they are typically more experienced in answering such questions.

In addition to these core requirements, each Sept has it's own specific admission requirements maintained by the Elder responsible (see Septs). New members are not required to make any decisions regarding their choice of Sept until their probation period expires. However, it is important for all potential applicants to have some idea of which Septs appeal to them the most and where our expectations lie before applying. After all - noone likes to be disappointed, or laughed at for that matter!

Race Restrictions

The Soul Pyre's definition of evil does not rest in the typical realms of good and evil alignments. Instead, we rate your mettle on your origin, and the tendencies of your people. The Soul Pyre's most stringent restriction, then, is that of Race. In order to even be considered on an individual basis, you must descend from either Encouraged or Allowed Races. Very occasionally, we will accept applications from members of Tolerated Races as well, but only those who prove themselves exceptional to their ancestry.

Encouraged Races
Dark Elves, Vampires, Shadows & Lizards

These races represent the original core of the founders of the Brotherhood, just before its rise to power. Provided they meet the basic individual requirements, members of these races are welcomed with open arms, as they represent an homage to our ancient historical roots.

Allowed Races
Wolfen, Quicklings, Half-Griffons & Ratlings

As the original Brotherhood gathered itself and its allies, these races were the first to answer the call. Because of their devotion to the cause, they will always be welcomed members of the Soul Pyre.

Tolerated Races
Dwarves & Halflings

Midgets are generally better to be paid than associated with. While useful in many regards, they bring with them a certain reduction of reputation. As both races tend to be fairly split, however, in their outlook of the world, individuals who prove themselves worthy will be admitted.


Typically considered good, their mingling with the Sun Elves is disgusting. However, the odd Eldar has been known to break rank and turn. Since such traitors of the Light are to be cherished, we will consider their application with ample proof of their devotion to our cause.

Tritons, Trolls & Giants

Considered too stupid to fit in, they are usually banned on sight. However, because these races once served as the bulk of the vanguards in both the Winter War and the Sun Wars, it is felt in some quarters that the Brotherhood's use of them may have, in fact, culled any consistent intelligence from their families. As a sympathetic gesture, we will duly assess any of these races that can put together a full application.

Forbidden Races
Sun Elves

Commonly just called Elves, they will under no circumstance be admitted into the clan. A race that so reveres life would find no solace in our cold halls.


Too closely related to the Elves and their Sun-loving ways. Banned from the clan to protect their safety. This policy originates from the old days, when it was easier to use lab Sprites instead of lab rats. Also, many of the member races consider Sprite a very good snack.


It is not in their nature to be evil. Also, they tend to be rather dimwitted. As with the Sprites, many members enjoy the delightful taste of horseflesh, and thus, we have banned them for their protection.


Worthless, inferior creatures. Barely usable as slave labor, and hardly worth eating.


Too close to the earth. Given their attachment to nature, and their very need for exposure to Sunlight in order to survive, they are more often spat upon than spoken too.

Application Advice

Applying to The Soul Pyre is easy. All you have to do is post a note to Pyre on the Personal board. We can't stress that last part enough, either. If you can't use the correct board, then we won't waste our time reading your application.

So what exactly are we looking for in an application? Well...

Your application will give us that first insight into your personality. This is a clan full of twisted and creative people, so there's no need to hold back! Lace your note with humor, roleplay, or anything else you want to put in. When applying to The Soul Pyre, you are making a statement that you wish to socially interact and play Aardwolf with us for a number of years - Make us want that!

The Soul Pyre thrives on ingenuity, intelligence, and personality. Use your application to show us why you feel The Soul Pyre should be your home, and what kind of person you really are. Saying that you can contribute by exploring, donating, levelling, and sitting at 200/201 is all well and good, but what we really want to know is what you, as a person, can contribute to our family.

A few things to remember to include in your note:

  • Any clans you have been in prior to your application, as well as a brief reason as to why you left.
  • The names of any alts you have, or any name that you've played under in the past.
  • Some basic personal info. We don't require your life story but where you are in the real world, the timezone and your usual playing times will assist us during the interviewing process.
  • Indicate to us which of the six Septs you are interested in joining, assuming you make it past the application process. You won't be admitted into a Sept right away, but it helps us understand your motives better if we know what aspect of the game you're most interested in.

Remember that this is a formal application to our clan. No one expects absolute perfection but we do expect to see true effort put into this. A lazy application may well be rejected on sight. Since Timezones can conflict it wouldn't be unheard of to include some basic stats of your character for those whom may not be able to see you directly.

The Interviews

We at the Soul Pyre believe that every member has the right to interview an applicant. There is a two-week evaluation period after the posting of your application. During this time, be ready for anything. Members may contact you for interviews, set you on a task or quest of some sort, or perhaps even stalk you in order to live out some perverse fantasy. This is a clan of very few taboos. You should possess the maturity and open-mindedness to deal with whatever we throw at you.

If something comes up that causes you to be inactive for a large portion of the evaluation period, that is fine. Please inform us, however, if you're liable to be unavailable for long stretches, so that we may extend the evaluation upon your return. Similarly, if you only play a few days of the week (say, on weekends, for example), please ensure that we are aware of this; we won't count it against you.

If, on the other hand, you aren't around for more than half of the evaluation period, without any explanation or contact to the clan to let us know, your application will be summarily declined, regardless of the vote count. Such a blatant disregard for the process, and disrespect for us as a clan, does not come without consequence.

At the end of the two-week evaluation, the result is simple. Should the number of Yes votes outweigh the number of No votes, you're in. In the event that a majority (51+% of active members) votes decisively before the two week period is over, you will be contacted with the result immediately.


You have all our advice to make a proper application. Failure to do so shows your complacency to read our site and take this part seriously. We don't need undedicated worms only looking to bum our morgue due to their own inability to play. We do not sit around baking cookies ready for some random person to call us back. You need to work around our time and make yourself available to us in different ways: Tells, Notes, Groups or Sponsors..

Generally speaking, rejection comes in one of two forms. Either the vote is mind-blowingly one-sided, or it's a near thing -You'll be able to tell which is the case!

You'll be informed of our reasons for rejecting you. You may be applicable to try again at a later date, but the result may still be the same. A good argument as to why we should reconsider may just make us look into it deeper, but don't count on it.

Every now and then, however, we do reject somebody by a very narrow margin. Usually, this is an indication that many of us found your personality to be compatible, but there are perhaps some things about you that don't quite mesh. If this is the case, you'll find your rejection note to be much more evenly tempered, and quite often we will point out what we feel needs to be done in order for you to fit our ranks.

In this instance, you are welcome to reapply after a period of no less than two months from the day of your rejection note. Indeed, even actually having the balls to reapply will sometimes sway people in your favour; it shows dedication, after all. A few of our members were initially turned down, but wanted badly enough to be a part of our family, that they tried again. If you reapply after we've taken great pains to emphasize your shortcomings, however, well, we'll probably just laugh at you. Again.


If you have been voted in, then you may now belittle and torture sub-standard applicants, commit dark deeds and pursue twisted acts of debauchery just like we do.

For the first month, however, you will be considered a Septic. All members of The Soul Pyre are always encouraged to express their feelings and opinions, and the probationary Septics are dealt with no differently. Post away to your heart's content. Be aware of the following small restrictions:

  • As a Septic, you have no voting rights. You may freely express your thoughts on any issue at hand, and more importantly, are encouraged to. Until your probation is up, however, you cannot actually cast a vote on any pending decisions.

  • As a Septic, you are not part of a Sept. Once your probationary period is up, you will receive your promotion to the Rank of False Blight/Forgotten Scorn and then be eligible to join the Sept of your choice.

While we prefer you to denote in your application what Sept you are interested in, the first month is an excellent time to get a feel for how things work in the clan, and what the different Septs do and are responsible for. During this time, if you have decided which Sept you would like to join, you may contact the Sept Elder and, in effect, "apply" to the Sept. The Elder will then devise some form of evaluation, and when your Probation is up, either admit you into the Sept, or suggest you consider joining a different one that may be more suited to your strengths.

During the first month, we'll be making sure that we haven't made any glaring oversights in letting you in. In no way does this mean that you should try in every way possible to schmooze your way in, or be the generic "excellent clannie". We fucking hate that. Be yourself. Play as you normally do, contribute to the clan in the ways that best suit you. All that we ask is that you be active, and that you do contribute.

As with the interview evaluation process, we expect you to be around and be active during your probationary period. In the event that your life interferes with this, please, do us the courtesy of letting us know what's going on. If you're just not there for more than two weeks' worth, without any real reason (such as you only play on weekends, or you've had to work, etc.), there's a very good chance we'll just decide to drop you. On a related note, while nobody can argue a legitimate reason for absence, if it causes you to be inactive for more than half the probationary month, then your probationary period will be extended accordingly.

When your probationary month is finally up, you'll receive your first promotion. You'll be able to vote, and shortly after, should find yourself in a Sept. Then, we get to find some other poor bastard to coerce into depravity.

Returning Members

Returning members are, for the most part, treated the same as a new applicant. In fact, in some ways, we will judge you more harshly than a fresh recruit. On the one hand, your application doesn't need to impress us with your personality so much (unless, of course, you've been gone for years and most of the current members aren't familiar with you), but you do need to clarify the circumstances that caused you to leave the clan in the first place, as well as what has changed since then to bring you back.

Since you have been with us before, we expect you to be familiar with our quirks, methods, and expectations. You will still need to convince us why we should be willing to take you back, and more importantly, reassure us that you have no intentions of leaving again. A blase attitude towards the interview process won't get you far.

Finally, assuming your accepted return to the family, you'll still have to work your way back to retaining your prior status. You'll still undergo the probation period, and be treated, technically, as a new member. Socially, though, things will probably be just like they used to be.

It is such a hollow gesture to pledge your life to the Pyre, Septic. Life is such a vague concept and fleeting at best. No, life is not enough and I desire more than this, I would have you pledge your death.

Mirakus, Servant of Sorrow

© The Soul Pyre 2015