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I'm certain Soul Pyre is the right clan for me. How do I convince you I'm right?

That's lovely to hear. Now, are you sure? There are many other clans out there. If you want to join a clan just for a morgue and skills, apply elsewhere; we are not babysitters, our patience is not limitless. This is a mature clan with mature members. If you can't handle sexual content, serious discussions and occasional disagreements, this is not the right clan for you. Attitude is everything. If you are rude during the interviews, don't expect to get far. We're a close, weird group of people. Disrespecting any of our members basically blows your chance to be accepted. We strongly suggest reading all the information provided before applying, and it probably wouldn't hurt to try to get to know some of us.

How do I apply?

It's simple. Read over all the information regarding the application process, which can be reached through the Joining link to the left of the page. Seriously. Yes, we're aware it's long. The process is a test, though. If you can't bother to read or follow basic instructions, it's going to be a problem. Then, post a note to Pyre on personal, as suggested.

What does Pyre look for in its applicants?

Mostly, we are looking for some common ground in personality. In fact, someone who would mesh well with the current atmosphere of Pyre may even have another shortfalling (levels/quests/campaigns) overlooked completely and be allowed to submit an application before they reach our joining requirements.

We prefer members who will be here frequently. We respect that people have jobs, kids, studies and even (or so it has been claimed) other interests. A few exceptions aside, most of us are in our early 30s. We can relate and don't expect you to abandon your life and start living on Aardwolf. Some consistency is always nice though.

Beyond this, we start considering your potential to contribute to the clan in other ways. You may be creative. You may be knowledgeable about the MUD. You may even be a maxed T9 with a ridiculous amount of pups. We value all of this as well, only to a lesser degree. After all, if there is a distinct difference in personality or you're hardly ever going to be here - those strengths aren't going to matter, are they?

Clan Life

What is your theme?

Our theme is chaotic evil. We avoid those of the light, except when it suits our needs. Evil has many somewhat related traits - greed, self-gratification, wrath, lust. We do not believe that your current alignment necessarily reflects an evil soul. "Evil," as we tend to see it, is more in your actions and your personality - as well your people's track record, so we do limit our membership to certain races. More about this can be found in the Joining link to the left.

Is Pyre a democracy?

Yes. Pyre respects all opinions, even when we disagree. The members have a very large say in how the clan is run and what goals the clan is going to pursue. We actively seek feedback on how to improve or proceed. Rarely, an unusual situation will arise where there is no time to take a formal vote. In those cases, it falls upon the leaders to enact a quick and decisive solution.

Are there specific expectations of a member?

Mostly, we want you to participate in the game, and to contribute towards clan activities or projects. We have basic entry requirements as does each Sept, which can be viewed through the Septs link to the left of the page. Beyond that, the answer would be 'No'. We don't require you to rush to Tier 9, or attempt to coerce you into overachievement.

Feel free to develop your character at your own pace and focus upon what you enjoy. If life's busy and you'd rather just lurk in the hall and chat when you have time to be around, that's also fine. We will try to drag you out on occasion if you're in range, or if clan recall is beginning to smell. After all, grouping is social interaction too. As far as donating gold is concerned, there are reasonable amounts tied in to clan promotions. We keep a relatively decent base of gold on the account in general and members have had a tendency to donate of their own free will, so it's never been a problem.

In summary, this isn't a sweatshop. So long as you're active and doing something with your time here, we're happy.


Do you aspire to become a powerhouse clan with lots of members?

Nope. One of the better things about Pyre is the fact that we are a small, tightly knit clan and we are such by design. Obviously we want to grow, and gain power and standing on the MUD. We firmly believe, however, that a small group of dedicated individuals is much more effective than a larger group of people gathered together purely for the sake of padding numbers. Our active member base currently hovers between 15 and 20 people, with a smaller core of VERY active members.

We also have a set cap on our membership, should our recruiting ever rise to a point where it comes into question. Our active membership will never exceed 47, which allows for 5 leaders, and 7 members within each Sept, which is an internal secondary cap that we also abide by.

We strive to provide an environment that we can all enjoy together, in our own twisted, deviant way. That process is made needlessly more difficult when applied to larger and larger groups of people. And, well, it takes a certain kind of person to fit the Soul Pyre; we are a rare breed indeed.

Can I have alts and be in Pyre?

So long as we agree that your alt has a practical purpose, it is welcome to come along for the ride with you and join our ranks as Simulae (see Titles). Otherwise, it is frowned upon. We would prefer you spent most of your time online with the clan and hiding the existence of an alt is grounds for outcasting.

Obviously, follow Aardwolf's rules about multiplaying. If you don't, you will be outcasted, and the Immortal staff will be notified in case they haven't noticed you already. Further consequences, of course, are completely at their discretion.

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