Introitus Sepulcrum

Greetings outsider. Welcome to the Twilight Hall. Lying here beneath the cold earth reside the members of the Soul Pyre.  Here you will learn the ways the Pyre functions.  There is an evil inside all of us lurking deep beneath our skin.  There are those that aim to destroy it and purge it from their bodies and those that embrace it and let it consume them.  For whom the dark side festers and continues to consume their soul.

Those beings are the ones welcomed into our depths, those are the ones glorified by the very essence of darkness. As you continue deeper into the Twilight Hall and continue to study our ancient texts think clear your mind of the lies the dwellers of the surface have been telling you.  Liberate yourself from the sun worshipping fools.

Let the dead winter reign and the moonfall glow upon the Pyre!

the soul pyre is currently accepting applications

The Soul Pyre is a proud clan of Aardwolf; A MUD which began way back in 1996 and is still going strong. If you stumbled here by chance: TRY IT!

I stared into the eyes of the frightened child and there it was; fleeting, but unmistakable, nestled beneath the glazed look of fear flickered the flame of hatred. Blazing hatred, just as cold steel, can be tempered. Yes, she will do, Sorrow will embrace this one.
'This one! She comes with us back to Lai'Arder. Bring the chains.'

Sontbeil - Agonas Archontas of the Third Razing of Gelidus

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